hey, i'm maddie

An experienced & passionate creative from Sydney’s Inner west.

Growing up in a big family (the eldest sister in a family of 3 boys and 4 girls) means that I’m used to being a sounding board for all sorts of cool & quirky projects. 

When designing and working with brands, l like to look at the bigger picture, with an understanding of their vision and point of difference, before I get going.

A visual learner, design has always been a communication tool for me. In fact, I look at design as problem-solving. From packaging to displays, web portals to logos not fitting in certain spaces, I believe that clever design helps provide a better solution, service or experience, that can solve a client’s problem.

With 8 years of graphic design experience under my belt, I’m doing nothing other than the career I was born for – creating minimalist brands, with a mighty purpose.

So whether you have a plan for a new project, or just an idea ‘scribbled on a napkin’,  I want to hear all about it.  Reach out or book a free discovery call – I can’t wait to meet you!


Taste-wise, I love all things spicy! From my eggs to my margarita – I put chilli in everything. 

My guilty pleasures include oysters, cheese, pistachio ice cream and I’ll add olives to every dish I can. 


A true Aquarius, nothing helps relax more than being in the water. I enjoy spending time at the beach or just soaking in a bath, enjoying some me time. (These days usually accompanied by not-so-relaxing, squeaky dino-toys.) 


When I’m not 9-5ing, a cheeky toddler keeps me on my toes and number 2 is due to arrive in February. Who needs sleep anyway? 

My other half speaks Spanish, so I’m learning the language with the hope of being fluent in the next few years. We are raising our half-Chilean children together in Sydney and I love exposing them to both sides of their culture. 

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